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Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • ANTI-FATIGUE - Our floor mats effectively relieve upto 40% pressure on your knees, feet and delicate joints in the legs. Whether you’re standing in the kitchen for an hour cooking up your family dinner, or you’re at your standing office desk working on your masterpiece, you will feel as if you're on a cloud. Less fatigue = Better Quality work!
  • MULTI-SURFACE - Place it on Marble, Wood, Laminate or any type of Flooring and they will NEVER SLIP, FOLD OR BEND. Smooth enough to feel soft but durable enough to withstand spills, or kitchen disasters. *NOTE: These mats are not made to withstand pressure from pointed High Heeled Shoes. If you step on the mats with High Heeled shoes, you may risk puncturing.
  • SPECS – The Perfect size at 24” x 72” Inches, we offer our mats in 4 beautiful colors. Choose and match your kitchen or bathroom interior to our Jet Black, Caramel Brown, Burgundy or Beige mats. The mats are padded with a thickness of 0.75” inches for optimal support and comfort.
  • ALL-PURPOSE - Enjoy the Comfort this Mat delivers in the Kitchen, Bathroom or even your Office Workplace. Designed to be elegant in your home and sophisticated for commercial places such as Hotels, Concierge, Airlines, and Industrial facilities.
  • Easily the best comfort mat one can buy, at an affordable price, we have also gone the extra mile and made a statement to stand behind our mat. Not only are you covered under a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee, but you are also entitled to a full Lifetime Warranty. Try our mat risk free now and you will soon realize what a valuable investment you've made.

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