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Backseat Baby Mirrors

Backseat Baby Mirrors

Backseat Baby Mirror

wide angle back seat baby mirror by equinox internationalThere's nothing like driving distracted, turning your head to see why your baby is crying or if she's awake, asleep, or just to catch a glimpse to be sure that baby girl isn't choking on anything. All while putting you and her at risk of a crash because you had to turn your head off the road in front of you.

The Child Rear View Mirror by Equinox International

Get peace of mind with a simple glimpse in the backseat mirror without endangering yourself or your passengers with a rear view baby mirror. Not only does ours stand out in the market with quality polymer plastic, it's got wide angles, perfect for looking across the back seat at multiple baby seats. There are a lot of mirrors on the market, but there's only one best-selling product; the Equinox Rear View Mirror.

Our car seat mirror is the ultimate in baby care while driving. It's crafted not to interfere with your normal rear view mirror while giving you the perfect vantage of your baby boy's car seat. Rear facing mirrors are exactly what the discerning parent needs to ensure that everyone arrives alive!

Backseat Baby Mirrors
Equinox International Back Seat Baby Mirrors